Saturday, June 9, 2012

Camp Gramma 2012

 Hudson sleeping in one of the boy tents

 On a nature walk

 Alivia's first time down the zipline.  She loved it.  John was close by just in case she let go.

 The kids singing at Grampa's church

 Meryn getting baptized
Celebrating their anniversary with 22 grandkids at Camp Gramma

Camp Gramma was a little earlier this year. Which I think we were all hoping for cooler weather.  But it didn't work out that way.  It was incredibly hot the entire time but that didn't stop the kids from all having fun.  They had so many activities to keep them all busy and the swimming pool to cool them all off at the end of the day.  Hudson enjoyed his first time in tent and being one of the big kids.  Ella enjoyed spending time with all of her cousins.  And little Alivia loved all the attention she got from all of the cousins.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday, Ella!

 Ella giving Hudson hugs & telling him Thank you for the gift.

Wow!  I can't believe that Ella is now 7.  She is such a sweet blessing.  She is a great big sister and a wonderful daughter. Ella is loving to read and her favorite books are chapter books.  She is doing great in school and making lots of friends.  Being creative and making crafts is one of her favorite hobbies.  Our little entrepreneur then (trys to) sells her creative creations. We love you, Ella!

 This year she wanted to have her birthday at Chuck E. Cheese with all her friends.  It was a lot of fun for her and her friends.  Even Alivia & Hudson enjoyed the rides and games.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Our three little cuties on Valentine's Day!

Christmas 2011

Alivia playing the piano at Gramma's & Grandpa's
Hudson showing off his new superhero gear
Most of the grandkids ready to open presents.
The grandkids singing at Grandpa's church

The kids with Nana
Alivia really got into opening her presents this year.
Opening presents at our house
Ella's Christmas at school

Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Year's Eve 2011

Playing the Kinect

They made it till midnight.
We spent this New Year's with most of John's family. We spent the night at Roger & Dee Dee's. The kids had so much fun playing dress-up and running around till midnight.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Random Photos from the past month

Her Cheesy Grin, but look at all those teeth.
This is Alivia's favorite spot to sit. As soon as she hears the fridge door open she comes running and takes a seat.
The kids have moved on from Angry Birds they are now addicted to Temple Run.
Wearing Daddy's Shoes
Hudson is always feeling left out when the girls match, so I found him a shirt that matches one of Alivia's dresses.
Ella dressing Alivia up in some of her clothes.
Alivia playing on my phone. She loves to turn on the music and dance around.
Hudson and Alivia love to play together and wrestle.
Our kids are early risers and as soon as Ella woke up, Alivia asked her to read her a book.
The kids all playing on Hudson's bed pretending to be asleep.